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The The Interactive Waterblock Test Results
Date Posted: Nov 27 2005
Author: pHaestus
Posting Type: Review
Category: Interactive Results / Tools
Page: 1 of 1
Article Rank:5 from 9 Readers
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Note: This is a legacy article, imported from old code. Due to this some items on the page may not function as expected. Links, Colors, and some images may not be set correctly.
The Interactive Waterblock Test Results By: pHaestus
These are the collected test results from all of the Procooling Socket A waterblock reviews done using our current testing methods. For more details on how the tests were conducted, read our article on waterblock test methods. Thanks to all of the manufacturers and readers who have given or loaned waterblocks to me for testing. Also special thanks to Groth and BalefireX from our forums for actually putting this graphing code together.
Check the boxes of the waterblocks you would like graphed.
Click on a waterblock name to open the block's review.
Check the boxes of the waterblocks you would like graphed.
Click on a waterblock name to open the block's review.

American Units:Grid Plain Metric Units:Grid Plain
Random Forum Pic
Random Forum Pic
From Thread:
Water Block to Die Sim Alignment project.
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