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Double Double Header 3
Date Posted: Dec 24 2000
Author: Joe
Posting Type: Article
Category: ProCooling Projects
Page: 1 of 17
Article Rank:5 from 2 Readers
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Double Header 3 By: Joe

Project: Double Header 3

Greetings! Welcome to Project: Double Header 3

If you are reading this it means I didn't die of old age before finishing this project as I was sure I would get close to :)  I have decided to just blow this project off,  who cares about a computer with some cooling crap inside it anyway?....

WELL I SURE AS HELL DO! And this machine is an example of it.    Before we get into the reason you are here, I do want to wish you all a very happy holidays, and also thanks to everyone and anyone who helped with this project even if I forget your name in here some where. ( E-mail me and we will get it taken care of.)

This article is broke up into 5 sections, The Intro and Overview of the entire machine,  a Detailed look at the Coolant system,  A Detailed look at the Electrical system, a brief look into the case modd'n I did, and finally the Credits and notes on all this.   All the steps cover stuff in the other steps ( like case modd'n is covered in every part) But those areas will go into detail each area. I HIGHLY recommend going through in order to get all the DH3 goodness there is to be gotten.  Now .. enough Chit chat, lets get on to some serious gear. This article is long, and murderous on a modem due to all the graphics, so Please bear with us :)

Bandwidth Warning!!! -This article has a LOAD of images ( almost 200 in all), if you are on a modem, please give the pages time to load.  Sorry about this, I would have needed to spread it across about 50 pages to cut the # of images per page. Its well worth the wait

DH3 was Awarded IPKonfig's
"Best Design Award" 

Click on the image of the part you want to read (Hint: start at Step 1)

Random Forum Pic
Random Forum Pic
From Thread:
hmm; anyone know easy way to convert pre atx case?
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