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ProCooling Technical Discussions
What happened to the Jet design? (Cathar, where ar...
-=Mr_B=- 284 Day(s) ago.
Overland Storage SnapOS v4 & Image File Links
ludude75 348 Day(s) ago.
for sale graudian and snap
ronniea1 440 Day(s) ago.
(Snap, GardianOS) : Max Disk Size - 9/2015
dnsplus 498 Day(s) ago.
ProCooling Geek Bits
Ben's Win 98 box, redone! Build up
ben333 997 Day(s) ago.
Project Black & Blue - Ben's new HTPC
ben333 1057 Day(s) ago.
Bring back IRC?
ben333 1851 Day(s) ago.
6 core goodness
ben333 2006 Day(s) ago.
Site News and Blogs
Site is over 16 years old...
UnaClocker 11 Day(s) ago.
Array Failure restore
Joe 93 Day(s) ago.
DNS issue fixed
Joe 291 Day(s) ago.
Site moved again
ben333 327 Day(s) ago.
The Pro/Market
FS: Laptop hardware (CPUs, Memory, HDDs, Wifi, etc...
ben333 1858 Day(s) ago.
FS external watercooling units from jpiperformance...
Halo_Master 1897 Day(s) ago.
FS Snap Server 4200
abuthemagician 2021 Day(s) ago.
Snapserver 4400 and 4500 for sale
[AfZ]PiMp J 2155 Day(s) ago.
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Sterling Cycle Cooling - Wave of the future? 5
Dec 31 2002 : Airspirit explains this old yet re-discovered method of cooling/propulsion and explains how it could be used to cool your PC
Clamping down a TEC/Peltier
Jul 20 2001 : OnDa tells you what you need to know about putting enough pressure on that Pelt in your system so it works the best
Peltier/TEC Water chilling
Jul 20 2001 : Keving shows us how cold you can get a Pelt powered water chiller
The Chemicals of OC'n and Super Cool'n - Insulation
Mar 24 2001 : Joe breaks down what you need to know to keep your super cooled rig ice free and happy
TEC/Peltier Technology Explained 5
Feb 28 2001 : Rich breaks down the technology that makes TEC's work to super cool your rig
Mounting and Sealing a Waterblock/TEC
Feb 19 2001 : OnDa keeps on his series to build a full system step by step, this time he covers sealing the area around a waterblock and peltier(TEC) to keep condensation away.
OnDa's Ultimate Video Cooler
Jan 25 2001 : OnDa builds one bad ass video cooler that ends in a sad way.
Supercooling and Insulation
Jun 2 2000 : RichW's intro to ProCooling breaks down some high end cooling and insulation techniques
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