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CoolerGuys CoolerGuys Windtunnel II Case Review
Date Posted: Mar 10 2001
Author: Joe
Posting Type: Review
Category: Case Reviews
Page: 1 of 5
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CoolerGuys Windtunnel II Case Review By: Joe

Coolerguys.com - WindTunnel II LAN Gamer Case

Joes thoughts on sponsored Reviews -

Welcome to another splendid ProCooling review. Now before we get into the thick of it, I want to talk about an issue that has become a big concern to me.  The feeling that it is impossible to get a credible, unbiased review from a website who was supplied the review material for free and from the company who makes it.

Sadly this is true for most websites.  There are a vast majority of sites that do cater to their sponsors and not to their readers.  Now its not impossible to have a good experience with a product that is being reviewed, but it is damn near impossible to have a review with NO CONS.   I have been in the industry for many years and I have NEVER, EVER seen a piece of hardware that doesn't have a flaw.

My view is simple. Many small, or some fairly large sites out there are ruining the credibility for the rest of the industry. By giving BULLSHIT reviews for products they sometimes don't even have(!!!!!), or really don't care to look in depth at,  this helps to create the mistrust that is rampant in this area of the net.
So Here's my Pledge to you, ProCooling's readers - You will NOT get BS reviews, NO content filler crap, or mis guided views on a product due to a sponsors involvement.  This and most reviews/articles on ProCooling should be clear proof of that.

3 other websites HAVE reviewed this case, one was 3 pages long and gave it a flawless review. But they also called it an Aluminum case ( Changed it after I emailed them letting them know its Steel.)  Hmmm...   The other gave it a glowing review without ever getting into any of the true to life facts about how the case is built. This my friends is why I am pissed at the industry, time for some of these sites to grow some balls.
UPDATE: I would like to clarify by saying there are a NUMBER of sites out there that DO uphold the readers ahead of their sponsors in reviews and articles.  Such as HardOCP, Anand, Ars and a quite a few other sites.  And no this wasn't all cause I read a review I didn't like, this was 100% because of readers E-mails I have received.  This was done for the people who are pissed at all the substandard writing being done,  and have emailed me bout it the hundreds of times.

You deserve better, and ProCooling is here to give you that.
Thanks fer your time, and now lets get onto a real review

The WindTunnel 2 Case is a very targeted case for people who are hard core into gaming or just need some quick blow hole action without a lot of work. We go into this review looking at it from a consumer and a gamer view to give you the idea of what you could expect from both angles. 

Later in the article we get into Modding your Pre-Mod'd case.  I found some things that could use some tweaking and did it on my own.
Please read from front to back cause this is no normal case review. :)

The First Look at the WindTunnel II -

When I took it out of the box first thing that struck me was how incredibly light the case was. I am used to Addtronics, Enlight, InWin and AOpen Cases that are built like M4 Sherman tanks, and weigh about the same.   For a LAN case Lighter is better in some cases.

Second thing that I saw, was the perfect fan holes.   Lot better then my Dremel / RotoZip / HoleSaw work from the past :)  They Laser cut these. Laser cut blow holes are becoming more and more regular as machine shops can now start to afford the rather expensive machinery for it.  The process creates very exact ( and rather sharp) circles with no burning or marks on the case.  This is MUCH better then Plasma cutting.

The nice chrome grates over the fans are a nice addition also.

On the front, the 6 exposed bays were a nice thing also. I know most geeks out there have enough stuff to fill up 12 bays, so the more the merrier.  Just for the record thats 4x 5.25" bays and 2x 3.5" bays. 

One thing I DON'T have on the case is the CoolerGuys case badge... they sorta forgot to send it.  ( yeh I cried a bit about it). I have some ProCooling case badges coming soon via CaseEtc.

Its got a Turbo light. But no turbo button.. what gives, I want to go turbo damnit!!!!

In the front you can see the lack of vents, or any form of intake or exhaust. Since all the cooling is going on between the side and top fans nothing was needed in the front of the case.

One of the much more interesting features of this case was the integral front ports. You get it all here baby!, You get yer USB, Sound, Mic, Volume, Midi/Joy Port ( I just like saying "Joy Port" :), and a PS2 port. Its got a lil mouse by the PS2 port, but I use it for my keyboard.

First things you need to know.

  1. The Volume is simply a potentiometer on the line out run, so it does NOT interface with your sound cards amp or windows volume setting.
  2. the USB are runs that of out the back of the machine ( will see later) they do NOT hook onto the second set of USB controlers that most new mobo's have. ( with some crafty work I am sure you could though)
  3. There is no powered stuff with this front panel, no amplifier, or any electronics, its simply a port replication for the front of yer machine.

Its really quite simple and stupid proof, you just plugging and go.  I personally would dig em on the front of the case as sometimes with them on the side they could get in the way of stuff, but that's purely a personal preference.

In the back they included what I feel is a must in the newer machines.  A fan over the ATX IO port. In a mid tower this small  ( compared to the likes of a Cold Forge and a Addtronics WTX case) the more air movement the better as it will heat up rapidly in the case.

the Delta 60mm in the back is the same ones as in the top. These are NOT Delta black labels, as 3 of those spinning at once would wake the dead or have your neighbors running for cover as it would sound like an Air Raid siren.

Each of the 60mm's run at 4800RPM and are somewhat quiet. ( we will get into the whole noise deal later). My only bitch with this is... WHY didn't they laser cut a nice hole in back... they are not only making that fan more noisy then needed, but cutting its air flow by more then 50% I imagine.

OK now this is a simple, yet incredibly great feature. A freak'n pull tab on the left side of the case! So at a LAN you can rip that baby off and show the world what you got ( we are still talking about the case and not your pants)

I thought at first "Oh another gimmick", but this is freak'n nice, and makes it a breeze to open the side of the case.

Here are the obloigitory copy and paste "specs"  just incase you are needing them right about now. We will cover the more important and real world aspects of this case then just the specs in the next page's.

BONUS: Built in USB, Sound, Mouse and Joy Stick Ports in front of the case.
► Two High Speed 92x92x32mm, 55.1 CFM Sanyo Denki fans at 2900 rpms.  These are for the intake.
► Three High Speed 60x60x10mm, 21.19 CFM Delta fans at 4800 rpms.  These are for the exhaust.
► All fans are high pressure to prevent against back air pressure. Air is forced into the case and not back out the fans.
► +173 CFM of total Air movement!
300 WATT Power Supply Standard.
► Four 5 1/4 bays.
► Three 3 1/2 bays.
► 92mm removable intake filters.
► Laser cut 92mm and 60mm Fan Blow Holes.
► Fans and grills pre-installed and ready to go.
► Completely rounded edges for safety.
► Includes Thumb screws for easy panel removal.
► Finger ring for easy side panel removal.
► Added Fan shims so fans are sealed up against the panels.
► ATX style case.
100% CoolerGuys Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

Lets Dive in this Box O Lan goodness

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