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Matrox Matrox Millennium G400MAX Video Card Review
Date Posted: Mar 9 2000
Author: Joe
Posting Type: Review
Category: Video Card Reviews
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Matrox Millennium G400MAX Video Card Review By: Joe

Review : Matrox Millennium G400 MAX 32mb DH

By: Joe Kelly
Date: 3/9/00
Product Supplied by:
N/A - Bought it on my own

Matrox : The Legend Continues

Matrox needs not introduction as it has been at the fore front of 2D graphics for over a century.  In 1996 Matrox broke out and hit it really big with the first Matrox Millennium 4mb Wram PCI card.  It was the fastest and highest quality 2D card of its time, and held a staggering 4mb of revolutionary Wram, upgradeable to an unbelievable 8mb.

Since then the Millennium series has gone through many revisions and versions, all beating the previous in quality, speed, and sheer power. This is continued more then ever in the G400 series of cards.  The Millennium G400MAX 32mb is the current speed champion from matrox.  Boasting such features as 32mb of SGRAM, Double Head support, and a powerful 360Mhz RAM DAC. 

Specs: (from the Matrox site)

 Key features: 

New Matrox G400 256-bit DualBus graphics chip
Explosive 3D, 2D and DVD performance
DualHead Display Superior DVD and TV output
3D Environment-Mapped Bump Mapping
Vibrant Color Quality² rendering
UltraSharp DAC of up to 360 MHz
3D Rendering Array Processor
Support for 16 or 32 MB of memory


The Price for this card has fallen quite fast in the recent months. It is now at around the 200$ mark. A few months ago it was well over 270 - 280$. At this price it is still fairly expensive but you do get one heck of a card for that! Read on and see

The Card

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Random Forum Pic
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Home-built HSF adaptor
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