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Cooling Cooling the Chipset
Date Posted: Feb 14 2000
Author: Joe
Posting Type: Article
Category: H2O and Evap
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Cooling the Chipset By: Joe

Liquid Cooling the Other components in your PC
Part 2 2/14/00 - Joe:

Now that we have gone over the basic thoughts and ideas behind the "microcooler" we are going to test, and apply it to see if it is feasible and if it works. In the Project "Double Header" I will be using a micro cooler on the chipset in order to cool it better then the wimpy heat sink does.  The Current prototype cooler is made of Brass and Copper. It is only a bit bigger then 1/8" thick. Unfortunately the base plate is Brass and doesn't conduct heat that well. It is also very thin so it doesn't afford much in the way of heat and cooling dispersal across the face of the cooler.  But all that said, it still works.  I tested it in a very un scientific way:  Took a lighter to it. got it hot, and timed it to how long it would take to come to room temp or close.  then I did the same with cool tap water running through it. It cooled off faster then I could time it with water running through it!

With the up coming project to use this cooler I either need to run its own cooling lines to its own setup or I can tap it off the main systems coolant lines.   Now of course it is a easy answer, but it is hard to do.  To tap off the larger lines that feed the main CPU coolers you need to someway get a smaller "tap" off of it. but make it secure enough that it will not leak.  I thought I was out of luck but tonight I found the perfect answer. They are called "Break away T connectors". Take a look at the pictures below:

With one splitter on the incoming 1/4" lines and one on the exhaust, Water will move naturally from one coupler to the other through the Microcooler.  Not real fast, but it will move and will cool the chip. It needs to be setup to gravity helps it trickle down. This Prototype Cooler is just a first run, This weekend I will be making the second revision out of more heat conductive materials, and a aluminum plates that are 5x thicker then the brass plate. I am also using a bit bigger coolant tubes, and bending them to different shapes to get a better surface coverage.

Well More news on all of this come this weekend. When the Project Double Header will be unveiled.

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