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Bleeding Bleeding you cooling system
Date Posted: Mar 4 2000
Author: Joe
Posting Type: Article
Category: H2O and Evap
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Bleeding you cooling system By: Joe

Bleeding Your Cooling System

Bleeding the cooling system in a closed loop system is about the most important single point in determining the efficiency of your cooling system and  the overall quality of the system.  Air in the lines can have quite a few detrimental effects on the system that include - Poor coolant circulation, air pockets forming in the cooling blocks, wear and tear on the pump, contamination in the lines.

The Main source for air in the lines is a poor initial setup and taking the time to make sure the air is completely out of the system.  In this article I will go over a few tips and tricks I have learned about getting all the air out and trapping all the excess air you have in the coolant.

The Initial setup and Run

A few thing you will need to properly bleed the system is a Flashlight, a tub or small plastic basin of some sort, easy access to the entire cooling system.

After you get all that and are ready to begin, take the pump and place it in the basin. Pour you coolant (PUMP MUST BE SUBMERSIBLE!!!!!! IF IT ISN'T YOU WILL ELECTROCUTE YOURSELF IF YOU DON'T KNOW DON'T TRY IT!!!!) so it covers the pump housing ( the area the impeller is in, not the entire pump).

Hook up the "Out" part of the pump to the out going coolant line, and leave the intake area on the pump open and well submerged in the coolant.  Now with a vacuum or your mouth prime the pump by sucking in on the return end of the hose, this will flood the inside of the pump and prime it. ( do not use your mouth if you are using car Antifreeze  Ethyne Glycol is lethal.

Plug in the pump and watch over your coolant system to make sure coolants not pouring all over your video cards :).  Tuck the return line then in the basin AWAY from the intake on the pump.  Run it that way for about 30 min, so it will let all the air circulate out of the system. While this is going on take your flash light and check the lines for any signs of bubbles.  if you find any "flick" the area of tube with your finger and it should move the air out of the system.

Now Power off the pump leaving the exhaust line under the coolant level (stops any air from being sucked back in).  now check if any air pockets show them selfs. Normally the pump will have some, and so will the coolant blocks. shake and tap both to dislodge any air in them. then turn on the pump once again.  DO this 2 more times and let it run as an open system for about 2 hrs.

Click for bigger

Finishing the system off

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