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JHens JHens Useful Acronym List (or JUAL for short)
Date Posted: May 11 2001
Author: JHens
Posting Type: Article
Category: FAQ's, Editorials, Q&A's
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JHens Useful Acronym List (or JUAL for short) By: JHens

Here is a first for ProCooling, and not the last.  This is a guest writer named Joe Hensel. He's also the guy who won the DD5 in the last giveaway.  So Enjoy! Not what I would call a break through article, but its a lil reference for those who have been in a dark cave for a few years :)  Good work by Joe H on this one!

This Article aimed at all users, be it the hardcore overclocker, technology guru, or budding newbie. It should serve all, for reference, learning, solving arguments, whatever. Have Fun!

Data/Data Storage-
HDD - Hard Disk Drive 
CDROM - Compact Disc Read Only Memory
DVD - Digital Video Disc, also referred to as Digital Versatile Disc
HD - Hard Drive
FDD - Floppy Disk Drive
KB - kilobyte
MB - megabyte
GB - gigabyte
TB - terabyte
ATA - Advanced Technology Attachment
ATAPI - Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface
DMA - Direct Memory Access
IDE - Integrated Drive Electronics
EIDE - Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics
SCSI - Small Computer System Interface
CDRW - Compact Disc ReWritable
CDR - Compact Disc Recordable
DVD-R - Digital Video Disc Recordable
DVDRW - Digital Video Disc ReWritable
DVD-RAM - Digital Video Disc Random Access Memory
Kb - kilobit
Mb - megabit
Gb - gigabit
Tb - terabit

OSI - Open System Interconnect
ISO - International Organization for Standardization
IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
CAT - Category
TCP - Transmission Control Protocol
IP - Internet Protocol
ARP - Address Resolution Protocol
RARP - Reverse Address Resolution Protocol
RIP - Routing Information Protocol
UDP - User Datagram Protocol
TFTP - Trivial File Transfer Protocol
FTP - File Transfer Protocol
HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol
IRC - Internet Relay Chat
AIM - AOL Instant Messanger
ICQ - I Seek You
IGRP - Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
EIGRP - Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
NetBEUI - NetBIOS Extended User Interface
IPX - Internetwork Packet Exchange
SPX - Sequenced Packet Exchange
OSPF - Open Shortest Path First
ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network
DSL - Digital Subscriber Line
OC - Optical Carrier
USB - Universal Serial Bus
UTP - Unshielded Twisted Pair
STP - Shielded Twisted Pair
FDDI - Fiber Distributed Data Interface
ECP - Enhanced Capabilities Port
EPP - Enhanced Parrallel Port
UART - Universal Asynchronous Reciever Transmitter
PPP - Point to Point Protocol
SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
IMAP - Interactive Mail Access Protocol
POP - Post Office Protocol
MAC - Media Access Control
AOL - America Online
ASM - Altenate Stimulus Mode Protocol
ICMP - Internet Control Message Protocol
PING - Packet InterNet Grouper

Motherboard/PC Expansion
MB - Motherboard
PCI - Peripheral Component Interconnect
ISA - Industry Standard Architecture
AGP - Accelerated Graphics Port
AMR - Audio Modem Riser
CNR - Communications Network Riser
ATX - Advanced Technology Extended
AT - Advanced Technology
FSB - Front Side Bus
BIOS - Basic Input Output System

RAM - Random Access Memory
ROM - Read Only Memory
SDRAM - Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
EDO - Extended Data Out
FPM - Fast Page Mode
RDRAM - Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory
SRAM - Static Random Access Memory
SDR - Single Data Rate
DDR - Double Data Rate
QDR - Quadruple Data Rate
EPROM - Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EEPROM - Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
NVRAM - Nonvolatile Random Access Memory
DIMM - Double Inline Memory Module
SIMM - Single Inline Memory Module
RIMM - Rambus Inline Memory Module
CAS - Column Address Strobe
RAS - Row Address Strobe
JEDEC - Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council
VRAM - Video Random Access Memory
SGRAM - Synchronous Graphics Random Access Memory

CPU - Central Processing Unit
FSB - Front Side Bus
ZIF - Zero Insertion Force
FPU - Floating Point Unit
MFLOP - Mega Floating Point Operation
GFLOP - Giga Floating Point Operation
MIPS - Millions of Instructions Per Seconds

CGA - Color Graphics Array
EGA - Enhanced Graphics Array
VGA - Video Graphics Array
SVGA - Super Video Graphics Array
XGA - Extended Graphics Array
FPS - Frames Per Second
MIDI - Musical Instrument Digital Interface
S/PDIF - Sony/Phillips Data Interface
TFT - Thin Film Transistor
LCD - Liquid Crystal Display
DVI - Digital Video Interface
GPU - Graphics Processing Unit

Operating System/Software/Programming
OS - Operating System
NOS - Network Operating System
IOS - Internetwork Operating System
UI - User Interface
GUI - Graphical User Interface
NT (as in Windows NT) - New Technology
BSD - Berkeley Software Distribution
DOS - Disk Operating System
COBOL - Common Business Oriented Language
ASM - Assembly

HSF - Heatsink and Fan
CFM - Cubic Feet per Minute
GPH - Gallons per Hour
LPH - Liters per Hour
NPT - National Pipe Thread
ID - Inner Diameter
OD - outer Diameter
PSI - Pounds Per Square Inch
DD - Digital Doctor
TEC - Thermal Electric Cooler
RPM - Rotations/Revolutions per Minutes

Miscellaneous/Shit I couldn't put anywhere else
PC - Personal Computer
PSU - Power Supply Unit
VDC - Volt Direct Current
VAC - Volt Alternating Current
SPST - Single Pole Single Throw
SPDT - Single Pole Dual Throw
DPST - Dual Pole Single Throw
DPDT - Dual Pole Dual Throw
DIP - Dual Inline Package
LED - Light Emmission/Emitting Diode
PIN - Personal Identification Number
SETI - the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence

Well that about sums it up for this article, I hope to possibly write more in the future.  If you  have any suggestions, questions, insults, complaints, or would like me to define any acronym send me an E-Mail to gadeeldon@qwest.net

Joe Hensel
(No, the other Joe)

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