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HighVoltage HighVoltage PC Socket A Mounting Clip Review
Date Posted: Feb 8 2001
Author: Kevin
Posting Type: Review
Category: H2O and High End Cooling Reviews
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HighVoltage PC Socket A Mounting Clip Review By: Kevin

HighVoltagePC Socket A Mounting Clip Review

By: Kevin
Date: 2/8/01

"Woohoo! I just got this really cool waterblock! I'm gonna install this sucker right now!" [5 minutes pass]. "So I just turn this knob until I think it is tight enough. Right? Okay cool. Just a bit more..." SNAP! Off goes the lug on the side of the socket.

Well, I have a feeling that if you've played with computers enough, this has happened to you before. If not, you're a better (and smarter) man than I. When I first snapped the lug of my KT7-RAID. I was SO pissed. I figured I had a couple options. I could grab a Taisol hsf. I could try to make some ghetto-ass replacement lug. Finally, I could try to use those mysterious four holes around the socket. I went with the last choice in an effort to salvage the use of my watercooling system. I threw some ideas around, and in the end, I had this weird looking thing made of 1/8" wood and four bolts. This was the most disgusting thing I have ever put inside my computer. Well, when Dave Nelson of HighVoltagePC e-mailed me about his lexan beauty, I was more than happy to try it out.

As one can see from the pictures, it is a clear mounting system for Socket A water blocks. It is perfect for boneheads like myself that snap off Socket lugs. To install it, one must first remove the motherboard. This can be a pain, but it is necessary for any clamping system using the 4 holes. Then put the bolts through the holes, leaving the washer and other thing on the bottom (I dunno what the "other thing" is officially known as).

I know my motherboard is a mess. All of that RTV around the base is just left over insulation from my last peltier project... Ignore that trash. So there are the screws. Next, we place the water block on top of the CPU like so.

So here you see the block resting on top of the CPU. Nothing groundbreaking. It's there. But notice the Dangerden prototype chipset block and that little heatsink on the clock gen. chip J. BTW on the Dangerden prototype: the new chipset blocks are available now, and they have a slightly different design. The next step is to place the lexan on top of the waterblock.

Lastly, we just screw the little bolts on very gently. Once they are gently on the lexan, screw them equally on each corner. You do not want to over-tighten. That would bad. You'll have a keychain VERY quickly. Just use your best judgment. In fact, this is where the clamp loses some value in my book. There should have been some springs to even out the pressure and provide extra protection against core-crushing. However, if you are careful, this is not a problem. After all is said and done, we get the final result.

So there you have it. Now you can break off every single lug around the socket and still have a great mounting system. My temps are exactly where they were before so this has no negative impact on performance. Also, I know that everyone has different water blocks out there. Dave knows this, and you just need to specify which block you have when you order. Apparently this fits 99% of the water blocks out there though. Once again, my only complaint with this mounting clip is that there were no springs. So because of the one drawback, it doesn't get a 5-star rating. However, Dave has e-mailed me, saying that he now includes springs with every mounting system. I don't have time to re-test it as I am busy with other projects, but I would assume that this alleviates my one complaint. You can e-mail me with questions about this product here or post them in the forum. For the best response, I'd post in the forum, because Dave Nelson regularly drops by. He should be able to answer your question. This product is found at www.highvoltagepc.com

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Pros & Cons:

Looks Real Cool
Lets "Lug Breakers" Mount a water block [ed- what about core snappers?]
Fits almost all waterblocks

No Springs ( that's been fixed with the new versions though)

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