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Blorb'n Blorb'n out the Voodoo5500
Date Posted: Oct 16 2000
Author: Joe
Posting Type: Review
Category: Air Cooling Reviews
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Blorb'n out the Voodoo5500 By: Joe

Review/Demo - BLORB!

Blorb or Blue Orb, made by Thermaltake, is the newest of the "orb" series of coolers.  This one is made to cool down Chipsets, and video cards! and Boy does it ever! This review will actually be more of a guide then a review. But you will get the point.

First, lets have a picture of the BLORB:

Little, Simple, Blue.  and WAY effective. 

Now lets see the target:

A Rather evil V5-5500 ( will never be stable over 175Mhz OC'n)

This V5 5500 is mine from my main machine. Never was happy OC'n above 175Mhz and playing Counterstrike under Windows 2000 Pro

Easier said then done, they are not clipped on, they are epoxied on.  I was fairly concerned about killing a 300$ video card.

First thing.. Remove those bastard mini HSF's

After shooting an email to the "Video Card Overclocking Celebrity" Kyle Bennett at HardOCP.com asking how to get these off without breaking the board, his answer was simple:

"This sounds stoopid but works great, get a wide head flat head screwdriver.
Put down an old credit card between the blade and the card.  Twist and "pop"
them off.  Works for me. You can even put the card in the freezer for 5 to
10 minutes to get the glue even harder...  just watch for condensate.

Kyle Bennett
WebMonger @ [H]ard|OCP.com
Purveyor of Smoothness @ Ratpadz.com"

It works GREAT to do that!!

With an Xacto Knife I VERY carefully chipped away the epoxy from the cores

I got the cores real clean( enuf )and put some of the silicone grease on the cores

Lets Get some Blorbage action!

Random Forum Pic
Random Forum Pic
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Found this at a computer show...
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