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Overland Storage SnapOS v4 & Image File Links
kiwa 505 Day(s) ago.
ozmatt 902 Day(s) ago.
Getting back into the water
ben333 1081 Day(s) ago.
ID This Waterblock.
jaydee 1564 Day(s) ago.
ProCooling Geek Bits
Happy 20 year on Procooling!
satanicoo 445 Day(s) ago.
Fluke 17B+ ... the multimeter I've always wanted b...
Noise 1870 Day(s) ago.
Ben's Win 98 box, redone! Build up
ben333 3526 Day(s) ago.
Project Black & Blue - Ben's new HTPC
ben333 3586 Day(s) ago.
Site News and Blogs
User Registrations kinda back open
Jag 979 Day(s) ago.
New User Registrations are blocked
ben333 1102 Day(s) ago.
Where is Joe these days? JoeKelly.co
ben333 1392 Day(s) ago.
Stuff over the last few years, Blogs, etc...
rhkcommander 1776 Day(s) ago.
The Pro/Market
GTX 280 for US $308.11 !!!!!!
sam amaar 2248 Day(s) ago.
FS: Laptop hardware (CPUs, Memory, HDDs, Wifi, etc...
ben333 4387 Day(s) ago.
FS external watercooling units from jpiperformance...
Halo_Master 4426 Day(s) ago.
FS Snap Server 4200
abuthemagician 4551 Day(s) ago.
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- Motherboard Reviews Close - Total Articles : 4
Asus A7N8X-X Motherboard review
Aug 26 2003 : pH reviews the Asus Socket 462 Asus A7N8X-X motherboard in style
AOpen AX4GE Max Motherboard Review
Mar 1 2003 : Joe reviews the nicely equipped AOpen AX4GE Max motherboard and shows all the bells and whistles this things got
Tyan Thunder K7 SMP Motherboard Review
Jun 27 2001 : Joe reviews the godly Tyan Thunder K7 Dual Athlon motherboard. Shows that you can OC on it, and run non MP CPU's on it.
AOpen AX6BC Pro Gold Motherboard Review
Apr 1 2000 : Joe Reviews the AOpen AX6BC Pro Gold Slot 1 Motherboard and puts it through its paces
- Video Card Reviews Close - Total Articles : 4
VisionTek GeForce3 Video Card Review
Apr 19 2001 : Joe reviews the new VisionTek GeForce3 video card and puts it through its paces
Matrox G-Series Video Card Rounup
Mar 21 2000 : Joe breaks down the entire Matrox G Series video and DVE video cards and shows what they are made of!
Matrox Millennium G400MAX Video Card Review
Mar 9 2000 : Joe does an indepth review of the Matrox G400 Max video card, and sees if it lives up to the hype
3Dfx Voodoo3 3500TV Video Card Review 5
Feb 29 2000 : One of the first reviews on ProCooling, Joe looks at the Voodoo3 3500 TV AGP and sees how it performs. Sad that this product line was one of the last legs of 3Dfx...
- H2O and High End Cooling Reviews Close - Total Articles : 25
Old School Waterblock Tests 5
Apr 22 2005 : A Trip down Memory Lane, as pH tests some of the older blocks on the market.
Little River Storm G5 Waterblock Review 5
Nov 9 2004 : pH reviews Cathars next invention the Storm G5 waterblock
Alphacool Nexxxos XP Waterblock Review 5
Nov 7 2004 : pH reviews the Alphacool Waterblock here and compares it to the rest
Little River Storm G4 Waterblock Review
Oct 22 2004 : pH reviews Cathars latest invention the Storm G4 waterblock
Swiftech MCB120 Radbox Kit Review
Aug 13 2004 : Talcum shows us the goodies tha tthe Swiftech MCB120 Radbox has going for it.
JayDee's R-Type Waterblock Review 5
Jul 27 2004 : pH reviews ProCooling regular JayDee's new R-Type waterblock and sees how it stacks up.
Swiftech MCW6002-A Review
Jul 22 2004 : pH reviews the new baddie waterblock from Swiftech.
Little River Cascade SS Waterblock Review
Jul 8 2004 : pH reviews the hottness from Cathar's dungeon of insanely good watercooling love
Innovatek Rev3 Waterblock Review
Jul 5 2004 : pH reviews Innovateks latest waterblock offering from the other side of the pond (for us in the US at least)
Jaydee's Lumpy Channel Waterblock review 5
Jun 16 2004 : pH reviews ProCooling regular JayDee's custom block.
Swiftech MCW6000-A Review
May 25 2004 : pH reviews the new pin style waterblock offering from Swiftech
DangerDen TDX Nozzle tests
May 20 2004 : pH takes the TDX that was recently reviewed and tests the different nozzle options for it to see what kind of impact that has on the blocks effectiveness at different flow rates.
Danger Den TDX Waterblock review
May 14 2004 : pH reviews the DangerDen TDX Waterblock and compares it to others.
AquaJoe AquaGold Waterblock Review 5
May 12 2004 : pH reviews AquaJoe's Aqua Gold waterblock and compares it to others tested.
Little River Whitewater Review
May 6 2004 : pH reviews the Little River Whitewater block designed and built by Cathar.
Swiftech MCW-Chill452 Review
Apr 27 2004 : pH and ProCooling regular KnightElite review the Swiftech MCW-Chill 452 TEC Chiller unit
#Rotors Waterblock review 5
Apr 22 2004 : pH tests #rotors custom block and compares it to an array of others.
Danger Den Maze 4 Review
Apr 10 2004 : pH reviews the Danger Den Maze4 Socket 462 Waterblock
Swiftech MCW5000-A Review
Mar 24 2004 : pH reviews the Swiftech MCW5000-A Socket 462 Waterblock
pH's Waterblock Comparison
Feb 1 2004 : pH compares/tests the Danger Den RBX, the DTek Customs Whitewater, and the LittleRiver Cascade,
Waterblock Round-Up 1 4
Jan 2 2002 : Joes Waterblock Roundup - comparing the Cool-Computers Socket Cooler, BeCool Jagged Edge, Danger Den Maze 1C, Luefken Tech Copper, CPU FX-Z3, OCWC Vtuned, OCWC CuSil, OCWC IceFloe, CPU FX Reactor
Radiator Roundup 1
Aug 15 2001 : Joe's long awaited Radiator Roundup, testing the BeCooling AquaCoil, the Danger Den Cube, the HWLabs Black Ice, the OCWC Big Momma.
Head to Head OCWC Silver Vs DD Maze2 and OCWC Radiator Vs DD Cube
Apr 9 2001 : Una puts 2 silver OCWC Poly Blocks against a Danger Den Maze2 Blocks. And the OCWC Big Momma radiator Vs the Danger Den Cube
HighVoltage PC Socket A Mounting Clip Review
Feb 8 2001 : Kevin checks out the HighVoltage PC waterblock clip.
Danger Den Maze vs 2Cool Cu Block review
Dec 29 2000 : Unaclocker tests the Original Danger Den Maze vs 2Cool Copper waterblock
- Air Cooling Reviews Close - Total Articles : 7
ThermalRight 947U Heatsink Review 5
Dec 11 2003 : pH puts the ThermalRight 947U to the test and compares to others
Swiftech MCX462-V Heatsink Review
Dec 1 2003 : pH reviews the Swiftech MCX462-V Heatsink and compares it to others
Dynatron/Vantec/ThermalRight shootout
Sep 4 2001 : Joe puts a handful of heatsinks to the test in this shootout.
Vantec Cu CCK6035D Vs Al FCE 6030D
Jul 27 2001 : Joe compares the performance between an all aluminum Vantec HSF and an all Copper one
Autopsy of a review - Cool Innovations Vs SK6 Shootout Review
Jul 18 2001 : Even the best screw up now and then... Joe breaks down some issues in a review done the days before.
Cool-Innovations Vs ThermalRight SK6
Jul 13 2001 : Joe puts some Cool-Innovations pin style blocks against the very nice ThermalRight SK6
Blorb'n out the Voodoo5500
Oct 16 2000 : Joe replaces the stock fans on a VooDoo5500 with some of the new Thermaltake Blue Orbs (Blorbs)
- Thermal Management Reviews Close - Total Articles : 9
Crystalfontz CFA-631 3.5" LCD Review 5
Mar 10 2006 : Joe looks at another Crystalfontz device, this time its one that fits into a 3.5
Crystalfontz CFA-635 LCD Review 5
Dec 17 2005 : Joe Reviews the latest offering from Crystalfontz that takes the qualities of the 633 and just improves on them!
Matrix Orbital MX4 Review
Apr 16 2004 : pH shows all the thermal management goodness to be had in the MX4 from Matrix Orbital
Matrix Orbital MX212 Vs Crystal Fonts 633 Shootout
Oct 3 2003 : pH puts these 2 similar temp control devices to the test and sees who comes out on top
Aardils PWM Fan Controller Review
May 6 2003 : Brian looks at the nifty fan controller designed and built buy ProCoolings own Aardils
CrystalFontz 633 Review
Feb 20 2003 : pH shows all the bells and whistles that the Crystal Fontz 633 has. This baddie does fan control and full thermal management.
ExTech Digital Thermometer
May 27 2001 : Joe reviews an ExTech Digital thermocouple thermometer w/ PC interface.
DigiDoc 5 Review
Dec 9 2000 : A ProCooling exclusive review - this was the first DigiDoc 5 brought into the US, and the first review done of the device.
RayTek Mini IR Temp Gun
Apr 20 2000 : Joe reviews the RayTek IR Temp gun that lets you take temps remotely instantly.
- Case Reviews Close - Total Articles : 8
Antec Sonata Case Review
Apr 10 2003 : pH reviews Antecs lil baddie quite case
Cooltechnica AquaExtreme XG Case Review 5
Jul 22 2002 : pH reviews the AquaExtreme XG Cooling system/Case. The Case is an AMS G Tower, the cooling system is all Swiftech
Soldam MT2200+ Case Review
Jun 12 2002 : Beav reviews this mammoth all aluminum baddie mid tower case
Lian Li PC50 Case Review
Mar 29 2002 : pH reviews the LianLi PC50 All Aluminum mini tower case
Chilli Pro Case Review
Sep 18 2001 : Kevin reviews the mATX aluminum Chilli Pro case
CoolerGuys Windtunnel II Case Review
Mar 10 2001 : Joe reviews a pre modded gamer case from CoolerGuys.
Yeong Yang YY0221B Cube Case Review
Jan 7 2001 : Kevin shows you the YY Cube case everyone has been talking about.
AOpen HX45A Mini Tower case review
Oct 5 2000 : Joe reviews the AOpen HX45A mid tower case. This is the case that becomes the blank canvas for the Pro/Mini project
- Misc Geek Gear Close - Total Articles : 3
AOpen HP-590 Subwoofer Headphone Review
Dec 28 2002 : Joe reviews and puts the AOpen HP590 headphones against other heavy hitters to see how they stand up
Ratpadz Vs 3M Mousing Surface Shootout
Apr 28 2000 : Joe quickly looks at the qualities of a few mousing surfaces
Plantronics HS1 HiFi headset w/ Mic Review
Mar 4 2000 : Joe reviews a nifty set of headphones/mic for gaming
- Interactive Results / Tools Close - Total Articles : 1
The Interactive Waterblock Test Results 5
Nov 28 2005 : pH, Groth, and a few others have built this interactive grap chart of test results.
- Home Theater / HTPC Reviews Close - Total Articles : 1
SilverStone LC17 HTPC Case Review 5
Feb 6 2006 : Joe Reviews the high end SilverStone LC17 HTPC case, and shows how much stuff you can fit inside this big baddie.
- Storage Reviews Close - Total Articles : 0
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